Love it when a plan works. But when it doesn’t…

For a long time, I’ve been trying to figure out that “perfect” plan around carbohydrates, my insulin and my blood glucose level for training and racing on my bike. There are many variables that I have to consider as part of a plan and some of them aren’t related to my Diabetes, but certainly, need […]

Blood glucose levels by finger pricks??? Pffft. So very old school…

So along with my insulin pump which I talked about in this post here, I also use a Continuous Glucose Monitor or CGM called a Dexcom G5. So what exactly does this piece of tech do? Well, instead of doing a finger prick to extract a small amount of blood from a finger which is then […]

Me and this thing... Attached at the hip... Literally!

So. That insulin pump thing… Why the hell would I want that thing attached to me all the time?

I’ve talked in previous posts on this blog about how my insulin pump changed my Diabetes for the better. In reality, it was a life saver. Recently I’ve seen a number of people post on social media asking if an insulin pump was really that good. To be honest, I can completely understand how people […]

A New Year’s resolution? Post more often. Hah. I should start!

So I uhhh.. have again managed to leave it far too long between posts on this blog, which I feel bad about. Things in life have been fairly busy since my last post. Work wrapped up for the year with the usual rush to get things done before Christmas break meaning I did some extra […]

Flashback: Wait… I have Diabetes? Well… damn. (Part 5)

In my last post (Flashback: Wait… I have Diabetes? Well…. damn. (Part 4) – I’ll add links to the rest of the posts in this series at the bottom) I spoke about how my eye surgeries had resulted in me no longer being allowed to drive. I also spoke about how this and a few […]

Flashback: Wait… I have Diabetes? Well… damn. (Part 2)

This post continues on from the previous post Flashback: Wait… I have Diabetes? Well… damn. (Part 1) Please feel free to go and read the lead up to this post. When I got into my late teens and became a young adult, I guess I never ignored my Diabetes, but I think I probably figured […]

Flashback: Wait… I have Diabetes? Well… damn. (Part 1)

I’m writing these posts to tell my story I guess. Everyone who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes will have their own story to tell and I figured I can’t write this blog without sharing mine. I’m going to break this up into multiple parts as I think writing the whole story in one post […]