oooh… New tech coming soon to… Me

I mentioned in my last post ( that this week I was having an appointment with my Diabetes Nurse Educator to see if my hba1c was low enough in order to keep the funding for my pump. It was a relief to see that my hba1c was low enough that my funding will continue. Finding […]

The tumbleweeds… They’ve been rolling around here

I need to apologise for the fact that I haven’t posted here lately. Where I work, this time of year is often really busy with busy days and some out-of-hours work which makes for a terrible work-life balance. But aside from that, I’ve also been completely underwhelmed with how my cycling has been going. My […]

Flashback: Wait… I have Diabetes? Well… damn. (Part 5)

In my last post (Flashback: Wait… I have Diabetes? Well…. damn. (Part 4) – I’ll add links to the rest of the posts in this series at the bottom) I spoke about how my eye surgeries had resulted in me no longer being allowed to drive. I also spoke about how this and a few […]