I need to apologise for the fact that I haven’t posted here lately.

Where I work, this time of year is often really busy with busy days and some out-of-hours work which makes for a terrible work-life balance. But aside from that, I’ve also been completely underwhelmed with how my cycling has been going. My training has been poor and my performance during races has been disappointing. My Diabetes control has been a little rocky with blood glucose levels being on average far higher than I’d like, but on the flipside I’ve been having far too many occasions where my blood glucose level has been too low.

All of this has been a struggle. I know that if I haven’t been managing my Diabetes well enough, it can be frustrating to the point where I’m just angry. In general I’m just not a happy camper if I can ‘t get my blood glucose levels in something resembling an acceptable range. But it goes further than that. Things can turn into a bit of a cycle where that frustration, anger, disappointment and general bad state of mind can have an adverse effect on my Diabetes.

And to make matters worse I have an appointment this week with my Diabetes Nurse Educator to see if I’m eligible for a continuation of the funding for my pump. In New Zealand you can apply for to be funded for an insulin pump if your hba1c (a blood test that is used as an indicator of how well you are controlling your Diabetes) is too high. To keep your funding, you have to drop your hba1c and keep it there. I’m a little stressed about this!

I have some blog posts planned and depending on how this week’s appointment goes for my pump funding renewal, I may even write about that. But I’ve also been talking on social media with some people about some topics that I really want to write posts about.

Please stay tuned, while I hunt around for some motivation!

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